A Caribbean Cruise Is A Popular Vacation Choice

How about a cruise vacation this year? Whenever the word “cruise” is mentioned, most people think about cruising the Caribbean. Pictures come to mind of sparkling clear turquoise water with exotic colourful fish swimming through spectacular coral reefs. Perhaps you imagine sunbathing on white sandy beaches with tall palm trees overhead, listening to the sounds of tropical birds and the gentle lapping of the waves on the shoreline.

Although there are many cruises available to many destinations, the Caribbean still remains a popular place to visit on a cruise vacation. All the those imagined tropical scenes are reality in the Caribbean. The Caribbean has hundreds of beautiful islands and stretches from the tip of Florida down as far as South America. There are over 50 popular different destinations you can choose to visit. Some examples of popular cruise destinations include: The Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Aruba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Belize. Exploring the Caribbean on a cruise ship is ideal, and many people take advantage a cruise as a relaxing and convenient way of taking a vacation. The cruise ship is just like a floating hotel which takes you to visit some of these beautiful islands without you needing to worry about planning travel arrangements.

A Caribbean cruise works for everybody. A cruise offers plenty of opportunities to relax alone or to have fun and participate in great entertainment. Some people enjoy the Caribbean island hopping type of vacation. This type of cruise has a port of call everyday at a different island. There is time to go and visit and absorb the local atmosphere and culture before boarding the cruise ship again. Every Caribbean island has its own unique history and culture. The cruise lines offer guided tours or you can go off and explore on your own.

For others, however, a Caribbean cruise is a time for relaxation. It is a time to soak up the sun, eat wonderful food, and take a few days away from routine and schedules. There is no need to even disembark the cruise ship when it stops at a port of call. Some cruise passengers enjoy visiting a different beach every day, rather than sightseeing.

If you enjoy diving and snorkelling, or other water sports, a cruise offers you many opportunities for you to experience the unique Caribbean scene.

If you are thinking of taking a Caribbean cruise you would be wise to decide which area of the Caribbean you would like to visit first. The Caribbean is a large area, and each part has a treasure of unique places to explore, as well as plenty of activities for the more adventurous in heart. There are many cruises that spend their time in a specific area such as the Western Caribbean or Eastern Caribbean, each of these areas has different experiences to offer.

Another thing to look at is which port you would like to leave from Cruise lines leave from a large variety of ports and so easy travel access may also be a consideration. Not all Caribbean cruise lines offer exactly the same amenities and ports of call, so you have plenty of cruise vacation options to choose from.

One thing is for sure, after you have been on your first Caribbean cruise vacation, you will certainly want to re visit time and time again. The tropical beautiful Caribbean holds something for everyone’s interest.

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